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Safe and Reliable Transport

Sick of wasting time waiting on the side of the road
desperately trying to flag down a taxi? 

Tried calling a taxi company but you have no idea who has taxis in the area and the availability to help you in a timely manner?

Join the growing group of passengers enjoying the ease of transport using the Chrissber App!

Get from A to B without the headache in two ways
  1. Call 139913 to talk to an operator.
  2. Book directly through the Passenger App for more vehicle options.


on-demand taxi app or call centre
GPS connects available drivers to passengers
drivers utilise their time better to be available wherever the service is required

Here are the current shires of operation, but we will be expanding soon!


One major benefit of using Chrissber Passenger Apps is the speed at which you can find a Taxi or Rideshare Car by simply making a few taps on your mobile screen. The best part is that instead of waiting on the road to flag down a taxi, this is all done by the Chrissber App. 

It will automatically notify the nearest free Chrissber Taxi or Rideshare Car in your area giving it instructions to reach you using your GPS location. 

Drivers using Chrissber Apps also benefit just like passengers. The drivers do not need to waste time looking for passengers rather they can get instant bookings if they are in the vicinity of the passenger. 

The app gets in touch with them and they simply have to follow the coordinates to pick up the customer.





Download App

Passengers download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.


Use App

  • Choose between ride and delivery

  • Set starting point and destination (optional)

  • Check tariff details

  • Add trip preferences

  • Select payment method

  • Click "request now"


On your way!

Wait for a driver to accept your request and then track them as they come to you. Easy!


OR CALL 139913

Call 13 99 13 and talk to an operator

Looking to utilise your skills as a taxi or rideshare driver to make additional income? Apply to join the driver team today!


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Join the team


Hi everyone my name is Chris Hayne I am the founder and managing director of Chrissber Taxi Service. I want to thank you for visiting my site.

What I am offering everyone is a new hybrid Taxi/Rideshare service.

What we are trying to achieve is to make life easier and more convenient for you to catch a ride whenever and wherever you need to go.

Taxis will provide you more security via their cameras for both the driver and passenger but because of the registration costs and regulations the fares a Taxi will charge will need to be generally a little bit higher than a Rideshare Car.

Knowing this, Chrissber's hybrid system offers several options for both the newly recruited driver and passengers alike.

1. For the passenger you can dial 139913 and talk to an operator and be connected to either a taxi or a nominated professional rideshare driver without using our App.

2. Passengers can also just rely on our App to book a Taxi or Rideshare Car quickly and easily. You can save your credit or debit card securely on the app as your details are held with “Stripe” and not held by me or my app.

3. Alternatively all of our Taxis are equipped with credit card terminals or you can pay in cash.      


Drivers can decide whether or not they want to take advantage of my 139913 call centre number.

A. If a driver just wants to rely on the app, then they will only be charged a commission for using our app.

B. However if the driver wants to use our 139913 number and our Driver App combined then there will be a fixed monthly charge plus a commission, this option is for serious full time professional’s. This is also only available in selected areas.  Mostly these are Taxis but your private car can operate for Chrissber in this way as well. The only difference is that a private car cannot use a taxi rank or hail. All private cars must receive their work from a booking via our app or call centre.

Please check my drop down lists here on my site to see our current areas of operation.

I need drivers to on-board urgently in Moree (High Priority), Narrabri, Wee Waa, Warialda and Inverell. Please download my Chrissber Driver App and click on the link to receive your registration form which you can save at the bottom and come back when you can.

There are good opportunities if you want to make a good business – here are some ideas.

1. If for example you live in Wee Waa or Warialda. There is scope to take people to Narrabri or Inverell for shopping or other purposes.

2. Also if you have my app installed while travelling around you can still operate and work and not be fixed to one location like a Taxi.

Spread the word around and share my message that Chrissber offers “Safe and Reliable Transport”.


Chris Hayne.

Message from Director


Currently only licenced in NSW 

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Chrissber - Safe and Reliable Transport
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